Struggling yet surviving the odds of Autism


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  • Get by
    2007, the year that was. A certain hormonal change occurred in my son’s body which he cannot handle and even express. I was caught off guard by this puberty hormonal change. It was not so easy to comprehend that a Teacher Mom doesn’t know what to do in this particular situation. It was a blow […]
  • Abyss
    A widening abyss which cannot be defined. Is there a cure for autism? Is there such a pill, that after taking it will make one a normal person? Having all these questions in my mind, as a Mom, I have to be strong for my son because I learned, though I am not so sure […]
  • 21st Year
    The challenge began in 1999 when my son was diagnosed with the most unwanted or i may say complexed condition called autism. The doctor said my son has mild autism. That’s according to the assessment done in an hour or two, as I remember. As a Mom with a full time job, it wasn’t that […]